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Terms and Conditions

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Last updated: 11/01/2017
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Rental Terms & Conditions
These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") form a part of the Agreement between Premier Water Ltd ("we", "us", "our", "supplier") and the customer ("you", "your", "customer") for the Premier Water rental and the provision of the Equipment.
(Rental) Agreement Commitment to stay a Premier Water customer ensured by signing up on a monthly payment schedule for fixed or unspecified period of time;
Free trial Free promotional period.
Charges The charges for the Premier Water Rental Agreement and the provision of Consumables and Services shown on the order or renewal confirmation;
Consumables The filters and ultra-violet lamps required for the proper operation of the Equipment;
Equipment The equipment shown on the Rental Agreement and all additions, replacements or substitutions of such equipment and all related accessories, manuals and instructions provided for it;
Installation Address the address where the Equipment is installed will be shown on the Agreement;
Services The warranty, maintenance, engineer support and telephone support provided you during the Rental Period;
Rental Period Period commencing on the Date of the Agreement or on the renewal of the Agreement and finishing on the day of cancellation/ collection;
Working Day This means Monday to Friday 9am-5pm except any bank or other public holidays in England and Wales;
1. Free trial
  • The Free Trial shall represent the promotional offer you have accepted when placing your free Trial order. The Free Trial period may vary from time to time
  • The Free Trial shall commence on the day of installation of the Equipment and finish on the Date of the Rental Agreement or the day of cancellation of the trial period. You will not be charged any fee for the period of the Free Trial.
  • You may cancel the order at any time within the Free Trial period by simply informing us via the phone or email. We will then arrange the collection of the Equipment within 14 working days. You will be instructed to switch off the Equipment. If the Equipment is not switched off on the date of arranged collection the Equipment will not be removed from the installation address and we will charge you £20.00 for arranging an additional collection date.
2. Joining us - minimum criteria
  • 2.1 Before you submit an order to Premier Water and for the provision of the Equipment, you should check that the proposed Installation Address has a 13-amp power socket within 1.5 metres and accessible mains water supply. We will not be able to install the Equipment unless both of these conditions are met. If we cannot install the Equipment because these conditions are not met, we may cancel your order with immediate effect.
  • 2.2 By submitting an order, you are confirming that you own the property at the Installation Address or have the permission of the owner of the property at the Installation Address to have the Equipment installed. We will not be responsible for any damage to the property caused by us in the course of installing the Equipment if either of these conditions are not met. That you are over 18 years of age and you agree to provide and update us with personal detail including changes to email addresses and payment method details.
  • 2.3 All orders are subject to availability. If we are unable to supply you with the Equipment, we shall let you know as soon as possible and we will not process your order
  • 2.4 We may choose to install reconditioned (not new) Equipment, at our discretion
3. Acceptance of orders
  • 3.1 When you submit an order, this does not mean that we have accepted your order and we reserve the right not to accept any order placed by you
  • 3.2 A binding agreement between you and us shall be formed on our acceptance of your order
  • 3.3 You may place an order online, by telephone or in person
  • 3.4 If you place your order through our website you will receive an email acknowledging your order
  • 3.5 We will then contact you to arrange your installation of the equipment which is a notification that your order has been accepted
4. Domestic orders
  • 4.1 For existing Customers who have one of Premier Water appliances at their business, we will provide the chosen Equipment without any other charges apart from the monthly rental fee, shall the Customer place a domestic order
  • 4.2 The Supplier requires a deposit of £150.00 prior to installation from all new Customers who place a domestic order. The deposit shall be paid over the phone one working day before scheduled installation. The deposit is refundable after contract termination or before that period of time is over shall the Customer cancel their order. The deposit is subject to deductions if any outstanding payments occur over the rental period.
5. Changes to these Terms
  • 5.1 We may revise these Terms from time to time to comply with any changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements or to meet our changing business needs.
  • 5.2 All changes will be posted on our website.
6. Changes to your Order
  • 6.1 Once you have placed your order, you can request a different model or colour of Equipment at any time up until installation of the Equipment by contacting us by email at or on 0203 652 6578. If we are able to accommodate the requested change, this may affect the date the Equipment will be delivered and installed. We will provide you with a revised delivery and installation date. In such circumstances, it may be necessary to issue a new Rental Agreement which shall reflect your revised Equipment requirements and the relevant charges.
7. Delivery and Installation
  • 7.1 Once we have received the order, we will contact you to arrange a date for our technicians to install the Equipment at the Installation Address in up to 10 working days.
  • 7.2 Sometimes we may not be able to deliver and/or install the Equipment because of something beyond our reasonable control. Clause 16 sets out what we will do if this happens.
  • 7.3 If you will not be present at the Installation Address on the date of installation, you will need to let us know at least one working day beforehand so that we can re-arrange another date. Failing to do so, may cause delays in the installation of the Equipment.
  • 7.4 Delivery of your order will be complete once we have delivered and installed the Equipment at the Installation Address.
  • 7.5 If Equipment is delivered to you before the arranged date for installation, you must not unpack, install or attempt to install the Equipment yourself.
  • 7.6 The ownership of the Equipment shall not pass to you at any point and shall remain our property for the duration of and following expiry of the Rental Agreement and nothing in these Terms should be interpreted as transferring title to the Equipment from us to you. If we are providing the Equipment to you by way of a cash sale, title, responsibility and risk in the Equipment will pass to you once we have delivered it to you.
8. Your obligations
You agree to:
  • 8.1 Prepare (at your own cost) the proposed Installation Address for installation of the Equipment
  • 8.2 Not attempt to install/ uninstall or modify the Equipment in any way
  • 8.3 Not to alter, adapt or connect any other device to the connecting pipe work installed by us
  • 8.4 Not to alter or adapt the Equipment
  • 8.5 Inform us of any changes to your personal contact details
  • 8.6 Inform us immediately shall you sell the business, change management or move address.
  • 8.7 Inform us as soon as is reasonably practical of any faults with the Equipment
  • 8.8 Allow us all necessary access to the Equipment during normal business hours for the purpose of repairing the Equipment
  • 8.9 Operate the Equipment in accordance with the manual provided to you by us on installation of the Equipment or any additional or replacement guides that we may tell you about during the term of the Rental Agreement
  • 8.10 Ensure that the Equipment remains identifiable at all times as being our property and wherever possible ensure that a visible sign to that effect is attached to the Equipment
  • 8.11 Only use supplies or materials supplied or approved by us
  • 8.12 Not to move or attempt to move the Equipment from the Installation Address
  • 8.13 If you wish to move the Equipment to a new location, you shall notify us and we shall move the Equipment on your behalf subject to these Terms. We shall not be liable for any damage to the Equipment which results from your failure to comply with this clause
  • 8.14 You will carry out the daily maintenance of the Equipment and be responsible for hygiene, including day to day cleaning, emptying drip trays and wiping splash panels. We may visit the Installation Address upon reasonable notice during office hours to verify that you are complying with the obligations under this clause
  • 8.15 In case of loss, damage or disposal of the equipment caused by your failure to follow the above instructions, you will cover the cost of the equipment, which equals 36 months’ rental price, or repair of the damage and/ or replacement of all necessary parts
9. Term and Renewal
  • 9.1 The Rental Agreement shall commence on the Date of the Agreement or on renewal of the Agreement. It is subject to early termination in accordance with these Terms and shall remain in force for the Rental Period.
  • 9.2 If you wish to cancel the Rental Agreement, you must notify us in writing at least 30 days before the end of the Rental Period (or any subsequent Rental Period, if relevant). If you fail to do so, the Rental Agreement shall automatically continue on Pay-as-you-go basis and the revised Charges and Terms shall apply.
10. Your Cancellation Rights
  • 10.1 You may cancel your Pay-as-you-go Rental Agreement with Premier Water at any time. You need to inform our customer service team in writing via email and we will arrange the collection of all Equipment. You will be liable to pay us any rent charges which are unpaid. Once cancellation is accepted we will instruct you to switch off the Equipment. If the Equipment is not switched off on the date of arranged collection the Equipment will not be removed from the Installation Address and we will charge you £20.00 for arranging an additional collection date
  • 10.2 You may cancel your fixed term Rental Agreement on giving 30 days’ notice in writing to us of your intention to cancel. Cancellation is subject to payment of any outstanding Charges applicable to the remaining Rental Period. There will be no refunds or credits for partially used periods. To exercise your right to cancel, you must contact us by email at .
  • 10.3 Upon cancellation we will arrange for the Equipment to be uninstalled within 10 working days from date of cancellation. You will provide full access to allow us to remove the equipment. The tee valve that we fit to your mains water supply when we install the Equipment will be put in the 'off' position. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer after we have uninstalled the Equipment
  • 10.4 In case of cancellation, any installation fee shall not be refunded where installation has already taken place
11. Cancellation by us
We reserve the right to terminate this agreement and to remove the Equipment immediately without notice for the Customer’s premises if:
  1. You fail to make any payment within the seven days of its due date
  2. You commit any other breach of this agreement
  3. An administration, winding-up or bankruptcy order is made against you or your business
  4. An affective resolution is passed for the winding –up or liquidation of you or your business
  5. You are unable to pay your debts within 14 days of our Notice to the Customer
12. Consequences of termination
Upon termination of the Rental Agreement for any reason:
  • 12.1You shall allow us or our representatives access to the premises where the Equipment is located for the purpose of removing the Equipment; and
  • 12.2you shall pay to Premier Water Ltd: 1) all arrears of rent; 2) the balance of rent due to the date of termination of your Rental Agreement; 3) the cost of making good any damage to the Equipment (if any); 4) any other money due to us.
13. Rental Agreement
  • 13.1 Your Rental Agreement will start on the day your Free Trial period ends, and will continue until termination of this Agreement
  • 13.2 This agreement entitles you to receive the services described in this clause and we will make every effort to provide you with these services. Sometimes we may be prevented from providing a service because of something beyond our reasonable control
  • 13.3 We may also suspend one or more of the services with immediate effect if you do not pay us any sums which you owe to us on the due date for payment until such time as we have received payment of the outstanding sums from you but without affecting our right to terminate the agreement between you and us in accordance with these Terms
  • 13.4 During the period of the Agreement and subject to you complying with these Terms we will:
    • 13.4.1 install your first 12 months filter and if required UV lamp at initial installation and
    • 13.4.2 replace your filters every 12 months, in person or by sending it to you by post. Replace your UV lamp every 12 months in person or by sending it to you by post.
    • 13.4.3 Sanitise and if required replace the Equipment every 12 months
    • 13.4.4 Provide you with a telephone help line and support during our usual business hours
    • 13.4.5 repair and/or replacement any faulty Equipment supplied by us at the Installation address unless such repair is as a result of misuse or mistreatment of the Equipment, is as a result of fair wear and tear or other damage caused to the Equipment by you or damage to internal or external parts caused by insects, or the equipment is infested by insects. If we choose to replace the Equipment we may do so with reconditioned (not new) Equipment, at our discretion. This does not extend to replacing external plastic parts of the Equipment or its casing that may require to be changed for aesthetic reasons
    • 13.4.6 Disconnect the Equipment for you and reinstall it at a new location free of charge
  • 13.5 We shall provide all services with reasonable care and skill
  • 13.6 If you require a repair to be made to the Equipment, please contact us by email at or telephone our Customer Service team on 0203 652 6578. We will require you to run a series of checks on the Equipment and we shall attempt to rectify the fault over the phone. If following these checks, it is not possible to rectify the fault over the phone, we shall arrange for one of our technicians to visit and repair the Equipment. We shall endeavour to repair the Equipment within seven working days of you contacting us
  • 13.7 If the Equipment was purchased by you outright, you will be entitled to a 12 months guarantee: this will include 2 filters and 1 UV Lamp (if required) and 1 sensitisation. Within the 12 months, you will be entitled to free repairs and maintenance as part of our services agreement. Following this, you will be required to pay for any consumables/ maintenance/ repairs you may require
  • 13.8 The services offered as part of your Rental Agreement are in addition to your statutory legal rights in relation to the Equipment if it is faulty or not as described
14. Payment
  • 14.1 Your Rental Agreement will commence once the Free Trial Period has finished or on the Date of the Agreement. By starting your Rental Agreement, you agree for us to charge you a monthly fee at the current rate. You will be charged at the 1st or 15th of each month via Direct Debit or via Credit / Debit Card shall we decide to accept this payment method. This will continue until you cancel as per clause 10
  • 14.2 We will collect the information needed to arrange your payments, by your chosen payment method, which will be either direct debit or debit/credit card. Please note, we will not be able to offer you a Rental Agreement unless you have provided valid bank account/card details to allow for payment
  • 14.3 You shall pay the Charges as specified in the Rental Agreement
  • 14.4 The Charges shall include VAT
  • 14.5 If you pay us by direct debit you authorise us to collect the sums owed by you to us from your designated bank account for the agreed period of time
  • 14.6 If paying by direct debit, please note that Premier Water Ltd has appointed the BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau, Eazy Collect Services Limited (www.eazycollect.co.uk), to collect your payments. Premier Water will be shown on your bank statement for these direct debit payments.
  • 14.7 We reserve the right to increase the Charges from time to time and will notify you if we do so
15. Overdue Payments
  • 15.1 You must pay all sums due to us from you by the due date for payment, or by any other date that we may agree with you
  • 15.2 If you fail to pay us any sums when due, we have the right to demand payment of all outstanding amounts owed to us which shall then fall due for payment within 7 days after our written request notifying you that the payment of all outstanding amounts is due. Overdue accounts will be escalated through our debt collection and, where necessary, legal channels. Such activity can affect your credit rating
16. Liability
  • 16.1 The Equipment is supplied for domestic and business use. We shall not be liable for any losses relating to any business of yours, for example, lost revenue, income or profits or any interruption to your business
  • 16.2 You have legal rights if the Equipment or items that make up a purification supplies pack are faulty, or if it is not as we have described, or if the services provided as part of the Rental Agreement were not carried out with reasonable skill and care. Further information and advice about these legal rights is available from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office
  • 16.3 We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person who does not operate the Equipment in accordance with the manual provided to you on installation, or any replacement manuals
  • 16.4 When we install the Equipment you agree that we will carry out the necessary work as part of the normal installation procedure. We will repair any damage to your property caused by us in the course of installing the Equipment and/or providing the services provided as part of the Rental Agreement. We shall not be responsible for the cost of repairing any pre-existing faults or damage to your property that we discover in the course of installation and/or performance of the services
  • 16.5 We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability for:
    • 16.5.1 Death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors
    • 16.5.2 Defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987
    • 16.5.3 Our maximum liability to you shall be a sum equal to the total sum paid by you to us under the period of the Rental Agreement
    • 16.5.4 Nothing in these Terms will affect your legal rights
17. Things beyond our reasonable control
  • 17.1 We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under the Rental Agreement that is caused by an event beyond our reasonable control (such as strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action by third parties, civil disorder, acts of terrorism, war, epidemics, exceptionally severe weather, fire, explosions or acts or omissions of others for whom we are not responsible)
  • 17.2 If an event beyond our reasonable control takes place that affects the performance of our obligations under the Rental Agreement we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible. The performance of our obligations will be suspended during the duration of the event and we shall either redeliver or re-start the performance of our obligations as soon as is reasonably possible after the event is over. You are not required to pay any sums which fall due during any period of suspension but this does not affect payment of sums which fell due prior to this date which you must still pay us
18. Contact details
  • 18.1 Our registered office address is Premier Water Ltd. Unit C, Penfold Trading Estate, Imperial Way, Watford WD24 4YY. Company registration number 08835981. Company VAT Number GB 188 1464 77
  • 18.2 If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback or make a complaint, please contact our Customer Service team on 0203 652 6578 or e-mail us at
  • 18.3 Any type of notice relating to the Free Trial / Agreement must be in writing and delivered by email, by hand or sent by pre-paid post to us at the address shown above
19. Privacy policy
  • 19.1 Personal Information:
    For the purposes of this privacy policy, "Personal Information" is personally identifiable information about an individual, as more particularly described under applicable privacy laws. Personal Information may include, without limitation: (a) your name; (b) your mailing address; (c) your email address; (d) your telephone number
  • 19.2 Policy Scope and Purpose
    This privacy policy applies to your use of this website and our treatment of Personal Information collected through it by or on behalf of us. The information that we receive from visitors and from those who order products via this website helps us improve the website and the services that we provide
  • 19.3 Our Information Collection Practices
    The types of Personal Information that we receive and use:
    1. Information you transmit to us - We collect and, for a period of time, we store information that you send to us when using this website, whether by ordering products, asking for information or otherwise. It is always your choice whether to provide any such information, but if you do not supply some items of requested Personal Information, some features or services of this website may not be available to you
    2. Automatically Collected Information - When you visit this website to place an order, to register with us (if that option is offered), or simply to browse, read or download information, we may automatically collect and store the following types of non-personally identifiable information received from you: (i) information from server logs found on your browser; (ii) click-through statistics; (iii) your IP address; (iv) the type of web browser you are using to access this website; (v) the type of operating system you are using; (vi) the name of the domain and host from which you access the Internet; (vii) the date and time you access this website; and (viii) the Internet address of the site from which you linked directly to this website. Automatically collected information of that kind typically provides us with a greater understanding regarding the use of this website, including which pages are the most popular with our visitors. That information also allows us to determine if this website is working properly and to make changes to this website that allow users to have a better experience on this website. We collect that information and track it for statistical purposes; we do not use it to identify or to market to a particular user
  • 19.4 Choices Regarding your Disclosure of Personal Information
    You are not required to provide us with any Personal Information. If you do provide Personal Information through this website or otherwise, including Personal Information regarding individuals other than yourself, we will presume that you have the authority to provide that Personal Information, that you have provided that Personal Information voluntarily, and that you consent to the use of that Personal Information in the manner envisioned by this privacy policy.
  • 19.5 Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
    We do not sell, rent, license or trade Personal Information gathered on this website to any third parties, except as provided in this privacy policy. We may aggregate and use certain non-personally identifiable information and may share that information and statistical information with our marketing partners, advertisers or other third parties for research or marketing purposes
  • 19.6 Business Uses of Information
    Premier Water Ltd uses Personal Information you provide to us: (a) for login and marketing purposes; (b) to provide the products or services that you have ordered or requested; (c) to process and ship orders; (d) to send order and shipping confirmations; (e) to provide customer service and respond to your requests and inquiries; (f) to protect both you and us against error and fraud; (g) to send information and product and service alerts; and (h) to record usage of this website. In addition, we may use your Personal Information to customize advertising and marketing information regarding our products and services, to contact you regarding our products and services, to enhance product and service offerings, and to fulfil promotions
  • 19.7 Use of Cookies
    Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive to identify previous visitors to the site. We use cookies to store information about your visit to this website in order to enhance your visit to this website. For example, storing that information will allow us to, on occasion, customize account pages for you. We also use cookies and tracking technologies to: (a) track user visits and account set-ups; (b) track your shopping cart and purchases; and (c) save your password so you do not have to provide it each time you visit this website. Cookies are text files that can be rejected, disabled or deleted by you at any time. You may be able to disable or delete cookies using your Internet browser settings. However, by disabling, deleting or rejecting cookies, you may inhibit the user experience on this website and other websites. For example, in order to complete online product-purchase transactions, cookies must be accepted
  • 19.8 Managing Your Information
    At any time, you are entitled to request access to and make corrections to your Personal Information we have collected via this website. Premier Water Ltd also reserves the right to retain any Personal Information reasonably necessary to appropriately document its business activities and for archival and record retention purposes. We will store your Personal Information for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this privacy policy and as required by applicable law. You may find out more details regarding this privacy by contacting us as provided above