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Our Approach

Premier Water is here to provide superior quality, great-tasting and highly purified water solutions

We make sure that the water you consume is free from all harmful bacteria that may harm you and your loved ones.

With our contemporary and environmentally friendly water bars, you have access to an unlimited supply of 100% pure and clean water, which can be heated or chilled, as per your requirements. Our modern and state of art water bars will fit anywhere you want to, your office, your commercial venue and your house. Furthermore, they will not only provide clean water, but also, enhance the appeal and style of your interior with their creative designs.

Utility and safety are our prime concerns

Our diligent efficiency and meticulous care in providing our clients reliable and effective water bars has established us as an innovative leader in the industry. With our continuous innovations and modern, environmentally friendly water bars, we aim to provide our clients clean, thoroughly filtered and great-tasting water.

Trust our commitment to the fastest service of
the highest quality!

Choose Premier Water and rest assured that you, your family, staff and clients have pure unlimited supply of water

Quality Assurance

Our water bars are superior quality, user friendly and efficient technological devices which can be used to adequately satisfy all your needs and requirements

Now, you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds on purchasing gallons of filtered water each year, with our water bars, you will get an infinite supply of highly purified and filtered water

Whether you are looking for a water bar for your hair salon, your book store, your corporate building, or simply for your house, we have the perfect water bars that will adequately address and best satisfy all your individual needs. From marble flooring to granite, our water bars will prove to be highly compatible and harmless for all surfaces.

Why choose Premier Water?

  • Free filtration and purification supplies every 12 months
  • Our top quality products are designed as decorative appliances and fit any home or business
  • Your tap water is purified using advanced filters leaving you with the equivalent of high quality mineral water
  • No contract (PAYG) – cancel any time
  • At a touch of a button you have a never ending supply of purified freshly filtered ice cold or boiling hot water
  • Free technical support and onsite service if anything ever goes wrong
  • Reliable, efficient and handy engineers always going an extra mile to reach customer's needs and requirements
  • UK based Customer Service Team responding to all queries within 24 hours