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Installation of the Water Bar:

  • How is the water bar installed?

    Our expert and experienced specialised technicians will take care of the entire installation process. Installation begins by connecting the water to your mains water supply using a 6mm flexi tube. In order to connect the mains supply, a small hole will have to be made in your kitchen countertop.

  • Can you perform the installation process yourself?

    Sadly, no because this task requires a high level of technological know-how and expertise.
    Our water bars can only be installed by our professional experts and specialised technicians who have the required expertise and experience to provide you a superior quality installation.

  • Where can the water bar be placed?

    Absolutely anywhere you want it to be placed, however, it is essential than it is placed at least within two meters of an electric socket and 15 meters of the mains water supply.
    Remember: Do not place the water bar too close to a constant heat source.

  • Can the water bar be installed inside a cabinet or recess?

    It is not recommended as it is essential to leave a gap of 10cm between the back of the water bar and the wall. However, if you absolutely must, our technicians will ensure that it has been placed correctly to allow proper ventilation.

  • Can the water bar be installed on a granite worktop?

    Why not?
    Our professional experts and technicians are highly experienced in dealing with all surfaces such as granite, marble and corian, and you can rest assured that they perform the installation with diligent care and meticulous efficiency to ensure that no harm comes to the surface or your countertop

Maintenance and Upkeep of your Water Bar:

  • What is the best way to clean your water bar?

    It is best to use a soft cloth with lukewarm water to clean the body, and a dry cloth should be used to clean the control panel.

    You must not use:

    Concentrate cleaning fluids
    Solvent cleaning products
    Abrasive cleaning aids
    Strong detergents

    Remember: Your Water Bar is always connected to an electric supply, therefore, wetting it can be extremely dangerous.

  • Can you change the filters and lamps on your water bar yourself?

    Yes indeed. Changing filters and lamps is incredibly easy and simple. Our small handbook that will be provided by us, will act as a comprehensive guide, making the task even simpler and easy. In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department. They will guide you, step by step, through the entire process.

  • How often do the filters and lamps need to be changed?

    It is important to change the filters after every six months, however, the UV lamps require a period of 12 months before replacement.

    Where do you get these filters and lights from?

    You do not have to worry about buying any equipment from the market, we will provide you all the required equipment when it is time for replacement.

How the filtration system works:

  • What does the filtration system serve to do?

    The filtration system in our water bars is designed to eliminate all harmful and toxic bacteria from your water. The water first passes through the triple filtration system that removes all large particles such as dirt and stones, then, it passes through the sediment filter that removes rust and sand, and then, the carbon filter removes all contaminants and organic matter, such as chlorine. Lastly, the water goes through the UV purification, which ensures that the water is safe and healthy for you to drink.

  • Does the UV lamp pose any threats to your health?

    Absolutely not. The UV lamps installed in our water bars are certified and accredited water purification products, and they have been tested on rigid and strict quality controls and safety measures. Moreover, since the UV lamps are placed in closed containers, you do not have to worry about any possible danger.
    The UV lamps will not pose a threat to your health and wellbeing, on the contrary, it eliminates all bacteria and toxic material to purify and clean your water.

  • What does the carbon filter serve to do?

    The carbon filter is essential and important for the removal of contaminants and organic matter, such as chlorine, which may harm your health. The carbon absorbs all contaminants and ensures that the water is safe and pure to be consumed.